with masa crisps        3 each

with applewood smoked bacon, roasted poblano, cashew & two salsas    12      

with all 5 salsas    15

Smoked Cashew (smoked cashew, chipotle)

Verde (tomatillo, cilantro, white onion, jalapeno)

Borracha (mezcal, blistered garlic, tomatillo, honey)

Blistered Serrano & Piña (pineapple, serrano, cilantro)

Habañero (fresh lime, blistered habanero, charred onion, orange)


queso fundido: creamy monterey jack, blistered shishito chiles, 1201 hot!, herb honey, queso fresco13

seared pork belly with roasted onion consommé, granny smith gel, dressed pea tendril  12

crispy fried oysters with green romesco, pickled jalapeno slaw, toasted almond, blistered shishito aioli 12

seared kobe: served on a hot rock with three dipping sauces; spicy, grilled scallion-wasabi, mustard ponzu  19


thai red curry: granny smith, olive oil   6

roasted spring carrots with herbed yogurt, candied pistachio, cara cara orange, fresh greens  9

fresh green salad with white balsamic-miso vinaigrette, toasted cashew9


spicy tuna with avocado, spicy sauce, scallion  13

smoked salmon with cucumber, wasabi mayo, scallion  11

spicy lump crab with carrot kimchi, caviar, spicy sauce   11

shrimp tempura with avocado, roasted red pepper, yuzu mayo  11

pork belly roll with pickled onion, avocado, grilled scallion, spicy sauce  10

crispy sweet potato with shiitake, soy-pickled greens  8

edamame: fresh soybeans with tea smoked soy, citrus, fleur de sel   5


bowl of shells

cherrystone clam, smoked mussels, tiger shrimp, roasted shishito chiles, saffron butter, warm sushi rice  26

pan seared lamb tenderloin [colorado]

with spring herb tzatiki, ginger flashed sugar snap peas, cucumber, toasted almond, pickled grape   28

grilled scottish salmon

with charred chickpea, green romesco, grilled broccolini, chile morita-apple mustard26

kummamoto ramen

with shanto broth, crispy pork belly, curly noodle, fragrant mâyu garlic oil, soft egg, umami dama, fresh ginger kimchi21

miso eggplant

with fresh burrata cheese, grilled portobello, toasted cashew, caramelized leek quinoa, fresh greens   19

slow cooked short rib

with white bean & celery salad, spanish chorizo, white balsamic vinaigrette, red pepper cream27

pan seared stockyard steak

with pickled mustard seed, charred scallion, smokey tsuyu, spinach ohitashi, miso buttered sweet corn  31