to start

Guacamole with applewood smoked bacon, pickled piña,  & two salsas 12  with all five salsas 15

Salsas with masa crisps 3 ea


smoked cashew [smoked cashew, chipotle]

verde [tomatillo, cilantro, white onion, jalapeno]

smoked cherry-fresno [dried cherries, grilled onion, fresno chiles]

blistered serrano & piña [pineapple, serrano, cilantro]

habañero [fresh lime, blistered habañero, charred onion, orange]



izakaya snacks  [ 6 ea. / 3 for 15 ]

eggplant miso sticks, chive, sesame, zaatar maple

housemade potato chips & caviar, grilled scallion aioli

roasted shishito chiles, yuzu, sea salt

edamame with garlic, ginger, shicimi togarashi


kushiyaki / small grilled japanese dishes

kobe beef tataki with wasabi, spring onion, fresh cucumber, smokey soy  21

sea scallops with mustard ponzu, grilled lemon 11

tiger shrimp with pickled ginger, Japanese pickles 9

teriyaki king trumpet mushroom with wasabi 8

yellowfin tuna with yuzu kosho, smokey soy  9

lobster tail with umami butter, smokey soy  17


small plates

marketfish ceviche, avocado, salted cucumber, shiso, canchita, ginger dressing, 13

crab chawanmushi, lump crab, amaranth, umami buttered popcorn, smokey soy  14  

the hash: fried sweet potato, shortrib, black mole, soft egg  14

seared kobe on a hot stone with three dipping sauces  21


vegetables, salads & soup.                                                                                                                                                     

mixed greens, roasted carrot-ginger vinaigrette, candied walnuts, queso fresco  9

pickled apple, bacon, fresh greens, orange blossom-white balsamic honey vinegar  11

beetroot, smoked goat cheese, zaatar spiced maple 11

cucumber, warm miso, sesame  6

roasted garlic soup, umami vinaigrette, scallion  6


sushi rolls

spicy tuna, avocado, grilled scallion, spicy sauce  13

lump crab, avocado, cucumber, wasabi-scallion mayo 11

grilled scallop, fuji apple, grilled scallion, hoisin 12

spicy salmon, avocado, grilled scallion, spicy sauce 11

shrimp tempura, roasted poblano, pickled onion, apple, grilled scallion mayo  11

avocado, sprouts, snap peas, grilled corn, yuzu mayo  8

kobe futomaki, yum yum, grilled Vidalia, avocado 21



pan seared scallops, crispy brussels, lemon-chili umami vinaigrette, pecorino  32

lamb tenderloin, pistachio verde, ricotta fritter, honey-vinegar, crispy shallot  31

miso charred salmon, white sweet potato, hazelnut, roasted leek, brown butter 26

spicy crab ramen, miso lobster broth, grilled mushroom, soft egg, greens  21  V{19}

crispy shortrib okonomiyaki, scallion, shiitake, soft egg, ginger, green salad 24 V{19}

duck confit, goat cheese flautas, black mole, shishito rajas, green oil  26

sirloin[340 g], fried pickled onion, meyer lemon butter sauce  38

wagyu[255g], shiitake, wasabi, Japanese peppercorn sauce 49      add lobster  17


roasted white sweet potato 5 pomme frites with kimchi & sesame mayo 6.5 sticky rice 3